Features and Benefits

The twin strategy behind Angel Wings is ‘Empower and Educate’. We harness the latest in mobile apps and wearable technologies  to empower, while educating our users in the science behind predatory behaviour and how to detect, avoid or escape from dangers.  Users through the video lessons provided, learn simple, brutally effective combative techniques that can be used to fight out of worst case scenarios.


  • Group Support/ Circle of Angels

Users of Angel Wings select 4 to 5 trusted friends/ relatives to form a support system.  Referred to as ‘Circle of Angels’, these are people who are part of your closest network of friends/ relatives. They are people who you can count on to come to your rescue in your moments of needs – as your personal guardian angels!

  • Real-time/ GPS Tracking

Real-time tracking is about the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) to track and locate the location of the mobile user.  It allows your friends/ relatives or your Circle of Angels to find and get help to you without unnecessary delay.

  • Geo-tracking

When you activate your geo-tracking with the press of a panic button, your app starts to collect data and captures a visual record of your route and forward it to your Circle of Angels.  This detailed visual map of your route prior to an attack, kidnapping or stalking- making it easier for the authorities to, for example, harness public CCTV cameras to gather critical information of the route you took and your attacker.

  • Alert Alarm/ Silent Assistance 

With the press of a panic alarm on the screen of your phone or a companion device (see online store), you can activate your phone to sound its alarm to draw attention to your imminent danger. Alternatively, you can also send out silent alert messages to your Circle of Angels, requesting for different levels of assistance.


  • Insights/ News Feed

The Insights/ news feed feature of this app allows users to continually hone their knowledge and develop better instincts towards predatory behaviour.  Insights drawn from psychology, crime reports/ analyses and curated practical safety tips are provided to the users on a regular basis by self defence experts and psychologists.

  • Self Defense lessons/ Video Feed

Users will learn simple but brutally effective combative techniques that will allow you to fight out of danger until help comes. Tactics and techniques developed by self defence experts from internationally acclaimed Kapap Academy (Singapore) will be imparted in short video lessons streamed to your mobile.