Angel Wings is a modern solution to an age old problem – violent crimes when you least expect it.  Whether it be a sexual assault by a stranger, a date gone wrong, a violent robbery or an attempt to kidnap a child, these are violent crimes that present a serious threat to one’s well being and life.  

Using the latest innovations in mobile applications and wearable technology, Angel Wings empowers the user with the capability to draw attention to imminent danger covertly or by sounding your phone alarm. With the touch of a panic button or a companion wearable device, users can alert closed friends or relatives to the dangers one is facing.  A number of unique features in real time tracking and geo-tracking allows your friends or relatives who form your ‘Circle of Angels’ to find out where you are in real time, and even receive a detailed visual record of your route prior to things turning for the worst.

Another important innovative feature is the on-going education and online training one gets from insights drawn from psychologists and self defence experts on how to identify, avoid or escape from predatory behaviour. Learn both pre-emptive and spontaneous combative strategies that you can use to make yourself a formidable target (target hardening) – using for examples, improvised weapons like a umbrella, pen or even your mobile.

Representing the most complete solution to a violent encounter, Angel Wings, is a life saving, modern tool for one to live life fearlessly and stay prepared for sudden threats that can happen when you least expect it.