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Who is behind Angel Wings

Angel Wings is an innovative ‘personal safety’ solution that has been developed by one of Asia’s top self defence schools, Kapap Academy (Singapore).  Having trained over 60,000 participants in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Australia, Kapap Academy has an unrivaled track record in ‘educating and empowering’ others to stay safe. The Academy is the only self […]

Why Angel Wings

Angel Wings is a modern solution to an age old problem – violent crimes when you least expect it.  Whether it be a sexual assault by a stranger, a date gone wrong, a violent robbery or an attempt to kidnap a child, these are violent crimes that present a serious threat to one’s well being […]

Features and Benefits

The twin strategy behind Angel Wings is ‘Empower and Educate’. We harness the latest in mobile apps and wearable technologies  to empower, while educating our users in the science behind predatory behaviour and how to detect, avoid or escape from dangers.  Users through the video lessons provided, learn simple, brutally effective combative techniques that can […]


“In today’s world where mindless violence and assaults of various kinds are so rampant in different parts of the world, it makes complete sense to be self-reliant to protect oneself. Our teachers at the Kapap Academy teach just that. We learn basic and advanced levels of self-defence, unarmed combat techniques and defence against weapons. Within a […]


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