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Using Angel Wings

Home Screen 

  • SOS: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate. An alarm will sound and a message will be send to your Angels.
  • Silent Alert: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate. A message will be sent to your Angels.

Profile Screen 

Here, you can manage your update your profile picture, and information.

Angels List

It’s easy to add friends and family members to your Angels list! Simply click the add sign at the bottom right.

  • Chat: Talk to your Angel. SOS videos, Silent Alert videos and coordinates will be shown here.
  • Delete: You can delete your Angels using the – sign

Buddy List 

You’ll find your buddies here!

  • Chat: Talk to your Buddy. SOS videos, Silent Alert videos and coordinates will be shown here.
  • Map: Check where your buddies are.
  • Delete: You can delete your Buddy using the – sign

News feed

Our news feed provides self defense videos and safety tips.

  • Explore by looking at our Youtube and Blog.


Turn background tracking on and off.


Report Abuse on Angel Wings

You can report abuse on Angel Wings, including harassment, bullying, or other safety concerns. 

Report content you see on Angel Wings, or report a Angel Wings account. Together we can keep Angel Wings a safe place and a strong community.


What does Angel Wings do with the information it collects about me?

What information does Angel Wings collect about me?

For an up to date overview of the information we collect, please see the section “Information We Collect” of our Privacy Policy.

Does Angel Wings share my data with third parties?

Yes, for an up to date overview see the section “How We Share Information” in our Privacy Policy.

What are the purposes of processing my personal data?

The most up to date overview of the purposes for processing can be found in the section “How We Use Information” in our Privacy Policy.

How long will Angel Wings keep or retain my data?

Angel Wings has short retention periods for most data we collect. You can read more about Angel Wings’ retention practices in the section ‘How Long We Keep Your Information” of our Privacy Policy.


Login and New Account Troubleshooting

There are a few reasons you might be having trouble logging in or creating a new Angel Wings’ account.

Here are some tips to get you logged in and Snapping again!

Check Your Username and Password

Double-check that you’re using the right username and password. If the Angel Wings username or password is misspelled, then you may see the ‘User Not Found’ error message.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your device has a good internet connection.

You can try connecting to Wi-Fi if you have weak cellular service. Restarting your device may also help with internet connection problems.

Learn more about troubleshooting internet issues on Android 🤖 or iOS 🍎 devices.

Supported Devices

We support Android devices running Android 4.4 or newer, and iOS devices running iOS 12 or newer.